Summer…where has it gone?!

Wow! Summer has flown by this year. At Little Miss Idea, we’ve been busy helping our clients get organized, plan their summer parties and get caught up on all kinds of administrative & daily tasks. Summer is my favorite time of the year, with so much to do…festivals, weddings, bridal showers, parties, BBQ’s and more! My next favorite time of the year is Fall. I love the change in seasons and welcome the cooler temp’s. If Summer got away from you and you could use some help this fall, please keep Little Miss Idea in mind for any of your needs. We’d love to help you get organized, shop for your upcoming dinner party, get your holiday card/gift list started or updated well before the rush…whatever you may need help with, just ask! On a personal note, I will be embarking on a cross country road trip with one of my best girlfriends in September. I’m really looking forward to our one on one girl time and seeing what we can discover along the way. I love road trips. They remind of youth and feeling free. If you haven’t taken a road trip in some time, I highly recommend it. It’s good for your soul to get out on the open road. Even if it’s only a few hours away…it will do wonders for your spirit. Enjoy the rest of your Summer, with or without a road trip. If you do take one, I hope it leads you on an unexpected adventure!

What’s for Dinner?

Julia Child Recipe's
Delicious Julia Child Recipes from "Julie & Julia" Themed Dinner Party

#52 – Host a themed dinner party and ask friends to make a dish to share.  Then make a party out of it!

We were recently invited to a really fun “themed” dinner party at a friends house.  The theme was inspired from the movie “Julie & Julia”.  Everyone chose a Julia Child recipe and spent most of the day Saturday sifting flour, melting butter, sauteing vegetables and thickening sauce to make some of the  most delicious dishes I’ve had in a long time.  They were better than any restuarant I’ve been to in awhile.  I was very impressed with all of the dishes and what fantastic cooks our friends are! 

Once we were all there and the dishes were beautifully displayed on the table, we all took turns telling everyone else our individual stories about picking the recipe, shopping for the fantastic fresh ingredients and what it took to prepare the deliciousness we were about to enjoy.  Almost everyone’s dishes took quite some time to make, but wow…they were so yummy.  There was plenty of food to go around and we were all more than satisfied at the end of the evening. 

We didn’t do this as a group, but my boyfriend and I decided to watch “Julie & Julia”, the movie, the night before the dinner party so that we were up on most things “Julia”.  Since the movie was fresh in our minds it made for great dinner conversations while we finished our first plate…then went for seconds!

We did figure out that between all of the dishes we made, there was more than 2 pounds of butter in them.  That’s probably why they all tasted so good!

It wasn’t all that expensive to plan this type of dinner since most of Julia Child’s recipes call for fresh ingredients, and we each only prepared one dish.  So besides bringing a bottle of wine, it was a fun, inexpensive night out.  You should try it.  Find a theme you’d like to try some recipes for.  Pick a date.  Share the plan.  Then enjoy a fun night “in” with some tasty food and great company!


Host an “Idea Party” to brainstorm your own ideas with peeps you trust…

#67 –

Do you have a great idea but you’re not quite sure how to develop it or are “stuck” and need some help to move it further along?  If you think you have a great idea but follow up isn’t your strongest trait, think about who you know that you trust, is open minded and would like to participate in a brainstorming party…then invite them over for a couple of hours to brainstorm yours (and theirs too if they are up for it) idea with you.  Sometimes just sharing your ideas and hearing what others think, will help motivate you and get things going to the next level.  This is especially great if you aren’t normally entrepreneurial thinking, but some of your friends are.  If you are open to doing things a little different, you might be surprised what comes out of this type of get together.  Make sure you have notebooks and pens for everyone who comes and ask someone to take notes with action items and “owners” if you are going to keep each other accountable.  I’d suggest doing some follow-up emails and/or phone calls after your “idea party” to check in with everyone to see how everyone who participated is doing with their ideas or projects and maybe see if they need more help or if another “idea party” should be “penciled” in.  Drinks and snacks are optional!