Spring Cleaning – your contacts to shredding your papers!

Rocky Mountains, office view
View from my office on a cloudy day.

March has started off very mildly here in the West. The weather has been warm and the flowers are already starting to bloom. Proving that a new season is upon us. Spring. Spring is one of my favorite seasons. It’s a time of rebirth in so many ways.  It’s a great time to do some Spring Cleaning.

Many people use the start of the spring season to do the dreaded “Spring Cleaning”. This normally means cleaning out closets & cabinets, scrubbing blinds, baseboards, floors and cleaning up the outside areas so they are ready for the outdoor activities that are just around the corner. Most of the time, this is hard work and not all that enjoyable. I participate in the dreaded practice of “Spring Cleaning” too, but this year instead of the dreaded ritual, why not mix it up a bit?

I think Spring is a great time to get your personal house in order but it’s also a great time to get your business or work house in order too. When was the last time you updated your contacts and made sure the email addresses, mailing addresses, phone numbers and names (who in your network has gotten married or divorced and changed their names recently?) were all correct? No one loves updating their contacts, but if you just sit down and do it, it won’t take as long as you think.

Spring is also a great time to purge old files, clean out your desk drawers, dust and clean up your work areas (don’t forget the shelves and any work tables or credenza’s). If you don’t have a shredder, there are companies that will come to your office and pick up or shred your files onsite for a fee. Click here for info on local shredding companies. If it’s not relevant or needed information, get rid of it. Less paper is better these days.

Since Spring is a time of rebirth and flowers starting to bloom, I like to spruce up my work station and add a vase of flowers or a green flowering plant to my desk or filing cabinet. It makes me happy to work in a space that is neat, tidy and decorated with flowers and other inspirational things that bring a smile to my face as I’m working away. My view out my office window makes me very happy and when I’m working, I usually have my blinds open so when I look up from what I’m working on or just need a quick break, I can enjoy the view (see the photo at top of post – my office window view).

If you live in an area where the winter is harsh and you hunker down, Spring is a also a great time to reconnect with people that maybe you haven’t seen all winter personally and professionally. Make plans to get together with those people in your life that you haven’t seen since the Holidays.

If you are a small business owner, this is a great time to plan a March Madness Happy Hour or a St. Patty’s Day brunch or open house at your office or local pub. Connect with your clients and ask them to bring a friend along, you never know who may need your service or product again or introduce you to a new client.

I hope your Spring fills you with new fresh ideas that will translate into abundance for the rest of the year!

*Little Miss Idea is a personal blog written by Meg Does – Meg Does offers Marketing & Administrative Services to Small Business Owners, Real Estate Agents & Entrepreneurs.  For more information on how Meg Does can help you with your professional needs, please email Meg at LittleMissIdea@gmail.com or leave a comment.

Summer…where has it gone?!

Wow! Summer has flown by this year. At Little Miss Idea, we’ve been busy helping our clients get organized, plan their summer parties and get caught up on all kinds of administrative & daily tasks. Summer is my favorite time of the year, with so much to do…festivals, weddings, bridal showers, parties, BBQ’s and more! My next favorite time of the year is Fall. I love the change in seasons and welcome the cooler temp’s. If Summer got away from you and you could use some help this fall, please keep Little Miss Idea in mind for any of your needs. We’d love to help you get organized, shop for your upcoming dinner party, get your holiday card/gift list started or updated well before the rush…whatever you may need help with, just ask! On a personal note, I will be embarking on a cross country road trip with one of my best girlfriends in September. I’m really looking forward to our one on one girl time and seeing what we can discover along the way. I love road trips. They remind of youth and feeling free. If you haven’t taken a road trip in some time, I highly recommend it. It’s good for your soul to get out on the open road. Even if it’s only a few hours away…it will do wonders for your spirit. Enjoy the rest of your Summer, with or without a road trip. If you do take one, I hope it leads you on an unexpected adventure!

Spring Cleaning & Organizing

Summer is just around the corner. The official first day of summer is June 21st! With all that summer brings…BBQ’s, baseball games, camping trips, hiking, pool days and so much more, why not use the next month to get your personal space organized and ready for summer?!

It’s been proven that when your personal space is organized, de-cluttered and clean you are more productive in all areas of your life. I am a firm believer of that, but also know how overwhelming the task of actually doing this can be. I recommend starting small. It won’t be as overwhelming if you do just one thing at a time. It’s also a bit contagious, so once you’ve organized one closet or drawer, the urge to do others will most likely naturally follow.

If you feel the job is too big for you to tackle on your own, enlist the help of a friend or two or hire a professional, like me to come in and help you formulate an action plan and put it into motion. You will feel very accomplished once it’s done and you get used to keeping it tidy as you go. You’ll be amazed at how much easier it is to get this done with help.

For this week, tackle one thing in your personal space that you know you can do on your own; clean out your drunk drawer, organize your linen closet, hang up all of the clothes that have been piled on the chair in your bedrooms for weeks…whatever has been on your list to get done. Just pick one and take note of how you feel once it’s done. I bet you will feel a little freer and satisfied that you are able to check one thing off of your list.

Cheers to fun summer picnics in the park and all the wonderful things that summer has to offer!