Rejection is tough, but sometimes it’s a good thing!

I have been looking for and interviewing for part time marketing jobs and was a final candidate for two that I was really excited about. I could have seen myself doing really well at either of them. I was feeling very confident and fairly certain that I was going to have to make a choice when I was offered them both. So you can imagine my disappointment and how rejected I felt when I wasn’t offered either of them!

I could have really gone down a rat hole and been super depressed over this, however, I chose to see the blessing and opportunity in this situation instead. At the time I was interviewing and trying to come up with a way to start a new job, get married, go on a honeymoon but still be “available and effective” in my new job. That was extremely stressful for me and not very realistic. Now without the stress of a new job, I can get married, really enjoy my day with my husband and enjoy all of my guests who are coming from afar to celebrate with us and then take a fabulous honeymoon without any guilt of having just started a new job and needing time off right away. I was very honest about the time off I would need while I was interviewing. I’m not sure if that played a part in their decision to not hire me. It may have. It doesn’t really matter though. What matters is now I can be present and really enjoy my time off.

I will continue my search for the perfect marketing or communications job for me when I return from my honeymoon. I feel there will be more opportunities available for me when I can fully devote my time and energy to the job at hand, which will be finding the perfect position that will be a perfect fit for me this time around. So even though I felt rejected for a few minutes after each call. It was short lived and actually has allowed me to really think about what I want for myself and to develop a better plan for the type of work I want to do and how I want to spend my time while I’m working in the future. That’s pretty amazing in my eyes!

Confessions of a Channel Marketer

At the current time, I have “one foot in and one foot out” of the IT Channel. My background is IT Channel Marketing. I have been dabbling in other areas and trying my hand at event management, small business marketing execution and even wedding planning over the past nine months. All have been really fun and a great learning process for me to figure out what my true strengths are. However, I am and always will be a Channel Marketer at heart.

I was recently interviewed by ALLBOUND.  ALLBOUND is an innovative SaaS platform that simplifies and accelerates your ability to recruit, onboard, measure and grow your partners.  If you’d like a demo of their platform, go to: REQUEST A DEMO

During the interview, the questions I was asked were thought provoking and I answered them honestly and as best as I could with my current “one foot in and one foot out” Channel situation. I know that things can change in an instant so my answers reflect my personal experience when I was 100% vested in my different Channel roles.

I hope you will enjoy reading the interview. I really enjoyed the process of being interviewed and seeing the final outcome. I think ALLBOUND did an excellent job relaying my thoughts and interpreting all of my statements. Thank you ALLBOUND!

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