40 Day Weight Loss – Day 6

Green pansWeight – 243.2 Calories – 606 – I had wine instead of my fruit today

Today was the best day so far of my sugar detox. My headache is almost gone.  I’m not hungry and the flu like symptoms I had have gone away.  I drank all the water and liquids I’m supposed to drink during the day. I took all my drop supplements and apple cider vinegar/salt drink after my meals and actually wasn’t hungry at all. I did crave something sweet today, but I let that pass and didn’t cave.

We had unexpected company last night so I drank about 2.5 glasses of white wine. I didn’t have any of my fruit and really enjoyed the wine. I also tried some Colorado tincture for the first time. It was super easy to use, very tasty and worked to relax me. There’s no sugar in it and you just drop a couple of drops on your tongue. It made everything much funnier and me much happier in general. That may be my new go to help me relax instead of alcohol now. I can wind myself up and get very stressed out easily. I have a lot on my plate most days so sometimes I really need to unwind and just let things go. I have a hard time doing both of these things. So some outside help is needed sometimes.

I actually didn’t eat lunch until about 4 pm. I was super busy with a client all day and wasn’t actually hungry. At 4 pm when I was done for the day, I thought, “Oh man, I should probably eat lunch!”. I made the tastiest 3 oz burger made with 90% lean grass feed beef and sauteed mushrooms (I used about a cup of raw organic mushrooms) in my awesome “Green Pans”. I bought them at Target and they are truly non-stick even without using oil. I did get to use a teaspoon of Flax oil to saute my mushrooms. I added garlic, pepper, Himalayan pink salt and Herbs d’Provence (my most favorite spice ever). My lunch tasted gourmet and was very satisfying. It held me over well until we ate dinner later in the evening.

Since we had unexpected company (I love when that happens), we decided to order Thai food to be delivered. The Thai restaurant we ordered from was awesome! They had no problem making me plain steamed chicken with steamed veggies sans the rice or noodles. When it arrived, I just measured my chicken and veggie portions and ate with everyone else. It was really easy, very tasty and I have enough left overs for at least one more meal. I didn’t miss the rice at all. In the past, I would have eat the entire container of rice and had everything smothered with some curry sauce. I felt like my dinner was just as tasty without the rice or the sauce. I’m really happy that I was able to order healthy “in” so easily. I do have organic food in the house for this program, but it was so much easier to order it along with everyone else’s order instead of having to cook my own meal separate of the group.

Now about the wine! I can have wine on this program. I can substitute wine for the fruit once a week. Last night was my wine night, but I’m going to book club tonight and will have at least 1 glass of wine tonight too. I may be playing with fire, but I’m skipping my fruit today to so that I can have at least 1 maybe 1.5 glasses of wine with my book club ladies. I can’t eat with them, so I want to at least be able to drink a little with them. I might regret this decision tomorrow, but tomorrow is a new day and I can readjust then. 🙂

On an emotional note…one of my best friend’s Mom’s passed away, unexpectedly, yesterday and that was very sad to me. I love her very much and will miss seeing her when I visit (NY). Normally when something sad like this happens and I let my emotions rule my eating, I would have turned to food for comfort. And not good food, more like ice cream, cookies, cakes, pasta or comfort type food. I didn’t do that yesterday. In stead, I took a moment to be present with the news. I cried a little. I remembered her Mom fondly. Took a deep breath and reached out to my friend to offer my condolences. I then spent a few minutes looking into getting a plane ticket to go home for the weekend to support my friend and her family. The prices were too high and I had to be practical about dropping everything to make a cross country trip right now. It doesn’t make sense financially for me right now and as much as I would have loved to be there right now, I have to honor my local commitments and not add debt at a time when I’m trying to save for a very special event (our wedding in October). My friend understood and was probably a little surprised that I was even thinking of coming back for the weekend and memorial service.

To make the long story shorter…I didn’t turn to food to comfort me. Instead I made a cup of tea and carried on with my busy day. I’m actually very proud of myself for this. It’s another first of many to come!

40 Day Weight Loss – Day 5

Weight – 244.4 (going down still, so that’s good!) Calories – not enough today!

So last night was not good. I had a terrible headache all night and was extremely hungry even after I ate dinner. I made a delicious stuffed red bell pepper for dinner, but it was small and didn’t fill me up at all. I was still very tired and felt really worn out, so I made a cup of herbal tea, drank it and went to be around 9:30 pm. I laid there not able to get comfortable and finally got up around midnight and took two ibuprofen. I’m not sure if I’m supposed to take meds while I’m on this program, but it helped and allowed me to get some sleep.

I woke up really hungry this morning. I drank my morning tea and stevia…had my water…did my morning drops and went to work. I pack my lunch the night before (to make it easier and quicker in the mornings for me) so I grabbed my lunch and off to work I went. By 10:30 am I was really hungry. I held out until about 11:30 am and made my out of a pouch Albacore tuna packed in water on top of romaine lettuce salad garnished with yummy lemon, pink salt and pepper. I ate it, it was good but about 20 minutes after eating, my stomach started grumbling (not in a good way) and I had to make a run for the bathroom. Not to get too graphic…but I didn’t keep much of my lunch with me…so began my hunger again. I ate a small pear (one of my fruits) and had another cup of tea and more water to get me through the afternoon.

When I got home around 3 pm, I felt exhausted and really hungry…the feeling I get when my blood sugar is low and I don’t care what I eat, I just need to eat something.  I normally would have had something sweet or cheese and crackers to satisfy my hunger.   I couldn’t stand it. I broke down and ate a hard boiled egg. It worked. It stopped my hunger and gave me the little bit of energy I needed to finish the day (a couple of minor computer tasks and a conference call). This program is very clear about not delineating from what you are supposed to eat each day, so hopefully that one hard boiled egg won’t set me back. Today, I don’t really care. Tomorrow I may feel differently when I get on the scale…we’ll see.

I’m still very tired and am going to lay down in a bit to take a rest before I make dinner. My headache is better, just dull now. I’m still warm here and there but not feverish any longer. I am hoping I’m on the upside of detoxing from Sugar. I am still planning to take it easy for the next few days until my detoxing symptoms settle down a bit. Last night when my head was throbbing and I couldn’t get comfortable, I did do some deep breathing and I tried visualizing myself at my goal weight wearing my beautiful wedding dress. I’m going to keep at it, but it’s not easy. They said I wouldn’t be hungry but I am, at least last night and today. I’m going to check in with the Doctor’s office and see if there’s something more I can do to help with that. I’m hopeful that the extra egg I ate today doesn’t set me back to badly tomorrow. If it does, I’m not going to beat myself up too much over it. It was one flippin egg! 🙂

Thanks for following along!

40 Day Weight Loss – Day 4

Weight 245.4 – seeing the scale go down today was AWESOME! Calories – 503.50 – it’s getting easier to only eat 500 calories a day!

Today, I feel more like myself. I still am very warm at times – it’s a weird feeling, but I can almost feel my body burning my stored adipose fat. That’s what it’s supposed to be doing, but I never thought I’d actually be able to feel it. I get very warm and there’s a churning feeling inside of me. I’m down 4 pounds in four days, so what I’m doing is working. I’m drinking plenty of water (approx. 72 oz a day) so I know it’s not water weight. I’m very excited about the prospect of this program actually working for me. I have tried so many weight loss programs and spend probably on the upside of $10,000 to “try to lose weight” over the last 20+ years. I’m tired of being fat. I want to be healthy and fit. Doing it on my own didn’t work for me. Even when I had a personal trainer, I never got to where I wanted to be. I’m confident that at the end of this program, I will have reset my metabolism enough to be able to go the final step on my own. I’ve never, ever in my entire life been able to lose 4 pounds (easily) in 4 days! That has me very excited. I made it to work today and am going to go about my normal schedule – work a little more for another client tonight, cook dinner and hang out with Steve. I’m not ready to start exercising yet, but will add short walks and yoga to my schedule by the end of the week.

My reward tonight a small bouquet of Gerber Daisies.  I love flowers and love to have them in the house.  Celebrating the small things with flowers and love tonight!

Gerber Daisies...my fav!
Gerber Daisies…my fav!

40 Day Weight Loss – Day 3

Pretty Water bottle to keep me motivated!
Pretty Water bottle to keep me motivated!

Weight – 247 (Yay! It’s going down!) Calories – 487 – 3 under what I should be at So today was a really tough day. I felt awful all day. I called in to my part time gig so that I could stay home and rest. I did my drops, sipped my water and ate lunch like I am supposed to. I had a date with an old friend who was in Denver on business, to meet her for dinner. I thought about cancelling, but after taking a hot Epsom salt bath (another way to help detox), drank a bunch of water and a cup of caffeinated tea, I felt well enough to venture out for a little bit. I was worried about eating dinner out, especially so early during my program. The restaurant that we went to was fantastic and so accommodating. We went to Mercantile and Provisions at Union Station. They had no problem preparing me a piece of grilled Sea Bass without any oil and steamed broccoli. My dinner was so delicious and satisfying. I was so happy with it that I can’t wait to go back. After venturing out, I was pretty tired and worn out when I got home. I am taking it very easy on myself and resting a lot right now. As a reward to myself and to make sure I drink enough water through out the day, I bought myself a pretty hot pink water bottle (sans BPA). It matches my lunch box and when I look at it, it reminds me to drink more water. I’ve never been a big water drinker, so drinking water all day is new to me. Today was better than yesterday and tomorrow will be better than today!


40 Day Weight Loss – Day 2

Today’s weight – 249.4 – same as yesterday
Calories eaten – 619.10 not much but not hungry

I started the day feeling pretty good, but by 2 pm I felt awful. I actually thought maybe I was coming down with the flu. I left work early and went home to rest. I still followed the program exactly as I’m supposed to. I paid quite a bit for this program, so I want it to work.

I put myself to bed and stayed there most of the afternoon/evening. I felt worse as the day went on. I emailed the doctor’s office to ask them if this feeling was normal. They said “yes, everyone detox’s differently”. I knew I was addicted to sugar but didn’t expect to feel this awful. I know it will get better. I was especially thirsty today, so I drank more water than I am supposed to each day, but I was really thirsty, so I’m hoping that was ok.

If every day is like this, I won’t be doing this for much longer. It has to get better though! The one good thing, even though I’m eating a very low calorie diet with no fat and no sugar, I haven’t been hungry.

Day 2 wasn’t that good, but I did get a lot of rest and I listened to my body and gave it what it needed. That is probably a first for me!

My 40 Day Weight Loss Program – here goes!

Day 1 Starting Weight: 249.4 pounds (Ouch!) I started my 40 day doctor supervised weight loss and metabolism reset program yesterday, Sunday. The first day was basically a load day. I don’t eat much on a regular basis (part of the reason I gain weight and don’t lose weight). So loading calories with healthy fat was hard for me. I did eat 3 meals with a couple of snacks(healthy nuts) and drank plenty of water, but it was hard to eat enough of what I was supposed to eat. So I’m jumping in feet first! I’m posting my before pictures for accountability. I don’t see myself as obese when I look in the mirror, but pictures, the scale and the report I got from my doctor last week don’t lie. The report scared me to do something, the scale (I finally bought one that works correctly) shocked me and the photos made me really want to make some serious changes. I’ll dig deeper into the why’s of my weight problem as I blog more, but for today, I’m just sharing with the world my starting weight and my starting pictures taken last night. I’ll post more photos as I blog this journey and of course post my “after” photos when I’m done with the 40 day program and what the next steps are. Thank you for following along and keeping me accountable!

How to View a Private Instagram Profile without Tools

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How to View a Private Instagram Profile without Tools

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