40 Day Weight Loss – Day 31-33

Weight: Day 31, 235 with cast on; Day 32, 236 with cast on; Day 33 236 with the cast and cast shoe on.

Calories – not enough this week. I’ve been really hungry!

I cheated on Monday, day 30, and I think that has thrown me out of the fat burning mode. I’m not losing any more weight this week. I did get a new cast yesterday. It’s a bit heavier than my last cast and has an additional little shoe with it to prevent me from slipping. I’m supposed to be using my crutches and walking on the cast. Not as easy as it sounds.

Weighing myself with this cast on is really hard. I only have 7 more days left in the 40 Day program but I won’t be out of my cast for two more weeks. That means I won’t be able to get a body scan and have a final weigh in done until about a week or so after I’m completely done with the program. I’m a little discouraged that I started this program then got hurt. I don’t feel like I got the full benefits of the program due to my injury and my mobility limitations.

I have asked the doctors office if I can extend the program for a few more weeks. I haven’t heard back from them on that, but really hope they will be willing to work with me on that.

I’m having a really hard time with the new cast today. I’m very discouraged with my lack of weight lost this week and I’m feeling a little sorry for myself. I’m going to try to stay positive and not do anything to sabotage myself. It might be hard today though!

40 Day Weight Loss – Day 26 – 30

Weight – Day 26 – 236 (with cast on)

Weight – Day 27 – 236 (with cast on)

Weight – Day 28 – Couldn’t get a good weight with my cast this day

Weight – Day 29 – 235 (with cast on)

Weight – Day 30 – 236 (with cast on)

Calories – each day between 389 (Day 29) and 600 (day 30)

I’m definitely experiencing a weight loss plateau right now. I’m fluctuating between 236 and 235 each day. I have hard a really hard time during these 5 days. I’ve been extremely hungry and have had some cravings. Drinking herbal tea with Stevia helps me with the sweet cravings. I have also been feeling a bit bad for myself. I have been home bound for a few weeks and am going a little stir crazy. I have gotten out to go to doctors appt’s and a few social outings, but it’s hard with the cast, crutches and scooter. So I have opted to stay home more than be out and about, especially with the snow and ice we’ve got over the weekend. I am hopeful that at tomorrow’s doctor apt. I will get a walking cast and then I can get back to work (at the actual office not just at home) and get out more socially. I think I’ll be in better spirits and not be so tempted to cheat once I’m more mobile.

I have asked the doctor’s office if I can possibly continue the program for three more weeks. I feel like I haven’t been able to get the most out of the program since I haven’t been able to do my in person doctors visits that include office weigh ins, body scans and check ins with the doctor. I hope that they will work with me on that since I paid quite a bit for this program. I’ll let you know about that in an upcoming blog post.

I can say, that my emotions have contributed to my cravings and wanting to cheat during these five days. I know for a fact, when I’m not feeling all that great emotionally (feeling sorry for myself due to being laid up with the broken ankle) I tend to go to food for emotional comfort. I’m trying to drink more herbal tea (I love that!), read, watch happy movies, write letters and call friends to catch up instead of turning to the cupboards and refrigerator for comfort. It has worked for the most part but I know it’s something I’ll have to continue to work on every day.

Thank you for following along. 10 more days to go and then I will either start the reset phase or hopefully do another round for a few weeks. I’ll keep you posted!

40 Day Weight Loss – Day 23 – 25

Weight – Day 23 – 240+/-, Day 24 237 with the weight on, Day 25 237 with the cast on.

Calories – Day 23 355.5, Day 24 466, Day 25 578 – I was more hungry yesterday, so I ate a little more veggies.

I’m actually starting day 26 today but I’ll write about today later this evening or tomorrow.

The program is actually getting much easier for me. I’m used to eating twice a day and for the most part don’t feel hungry. I find that if I wait too long to eat lunch or too long between lunch and dinner then I am hungrier than normal.

The other thing I have figured out is that I need to drink much more water during the day than I ever did before. I’m maintaining about 80 oz of liquids (breakfast tea, herbal tea, water and bubbly water). I have cut diet coke, juices and Splenda (that was hard for me) completely. I don’t miss diet coke or the other sugary drinks that I used to drink at all. Now, when I’m thirsty, I grab water or an herbal tea to quench my thirst. It’s working and I am really loving the herbal tea. In fact, we are so low on herbal tea, that we are going to make a trip to Celestial Seasonings soon to stock up again. I love Celestial Seasonings tea. It makes me very happy!

I wanted to talk about why I decided to do this very strict 40 day program. Before I started this program I went to the doctor to get some blood work done and then I went to the NutriMost doctor and had a Body scan and NRF (NutriMost Resonant Frequency) hand scan done. I wasn’t surprised by what the two scans showed. But they did scare me enough to finally take my health seriously and do something about my weight once and for all. I know that by losing even 10% of my body fat is a huge help to my health over all.

Basically, the blood tests, the body scan and the hand scan all showed a similar but scary picture. The blood tests showed that my bad cholesterol was extremely high (377), my blood pressure was 140/90 – way too high. My general practitioner wanted to put me on blood pressure and cholesterol medicine. I talked him into giving me 3 months to try to lower both with diet and exercise. He agreed, but was concerned because I was also showed to be “pre-diabetic”. I think that was what really scared me the most. Especially if I could reverse that diagnosis by losing some weight and cutting sugar out of my diet.

Then the next week, I went to the NutriMost doctor after hearing a radio advertisement. I thought it was just another get thin fast gimmick, but when I went in and listened to the Dr. give his talk and got the scans done, I changed my mind quickly.

After having the body and hand scan done, these were my results:

  • My weight was 251. 6 pounds – about 15 pounds heavier than my scale at home said. That scale got thrown away the very same day!
  • My body fat was 50.2% – really high! My BMI (Body Mass Index) was 39.4 – bascially telling me what I already knew…I’m obese. Not quite at the end of the obese bar, but far enough.
  • My Body Water was 36.4% – basically telling me I’m dehydrated. Not just thirsty, but my cells were dehydrated.
  • My Visceral Fat (the fat that surrounds your organs) was 14 out of 15. That is not good, especially since I carry most of my weight in my stomach area. Meaning all of my important organs were surrounded by a large amount of fat. That means my liver was most likely “fatty”, my kidneys, my heart, my stomach, my spleen and my intestines were all surrounded by a large amount of fat. This was a wake-up call because having a large amount of visceral fat can lead to heart disease, kidney problems and many more health problems that I definitely don’t want now or ever!

The most shocking thing that came out of these scans was my Metabolic age. The scan only goes up to 90 years and that’s what I measured at. I could actually have a much older metabolic age since the scan only goes to 90. So that isn’t an accurate measurement. But it explains why I feel fatigued and “old” more than not. I haven’t been able to get scanned again with my cast on, but I am confident when I get scanned again, all of these numbers are going to be lower. By how much I don’t know, but even a small decrease will make me happy. I will post those numbers when I’m able to get scanned – hopefully next week or the following week once I get a walking boot.

Seeing the numbers and understanding what they really mean, are what pushed me to do something. The fact that I’m getting married in October was a motivator also, but really the health aspect of the reports was more motivating than just looking good in my wedding dress. I want to get married and then be healthy to live the best life I possibly can with my new husband. We have big plans and being fat and unhealthy doesn’t fit into those plans. So this is my opportunity to make huge changes for now and forever. I’m learning about portion sizes, that sugar is evil, and that meals can be tasty without a ton of fat or carbs in them. I also learned that I actually like to drink water. I used to say I don’t like to drink water and would grab a diet coke instead. I know I’m losing weight every day, but I’m super excited to see the difference on the scans. I think that is going to tell a whole new story of my improved health!

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40 Day Weight Loss – Day 16 – 22

Weight – approx 240 +/- – the last time I was able to accurately weight myself the scale said 240.
Calories – between 475 and 600 calories per day
Cheats – twice in the past 6 days – I’ll elaborate on this below.

So I made it to two days past the halfway mark. Eating the low calorie, protein and veggies meals (only 2 per day) has been the easy part. I have a good schedule down now.

Here’s my schedule:

Morning – Prescribed weight loss drops – before I drink or eat anything as soon as I get up but after I’ve gone to the bathroom.
English breakfast tea with 1 packet of Stevia and then a warm up with a half pack of Stevia when the tea has cooled down.

Lunch time – between 11;30 am & 1 pm – 3 oz of protein with 1 cup of veggies – I’m supposed to only eat one type of veggies, but I have done a mixture (stir fry veggies) a few times and feel like I’m still on track and still losing. I can have a fruit with my lunch but I usually save it and have it as a snack between lunch and dinner. I’m very hungry by 3 pm.

I do more prescribed weight loss drops in the afternoon between lunch and dinner.

Snack – a small or medium serving of fruit. I can have a small pear, medium apple, cup of blueberries, cup of strawberries or a small orange. I have my fruit every day. If I don’t have this, I’m ravenous and then I cheat and eat something that I’m not supposed to.

Dinner – between 6 pm and 8 pm. I’m trying to eat earlier because I’m pretty hungry by dinner time. I make sure I have another serving of fruit after dinner or with dinner and if I have tomatoes with dinner, they count as a fruit. Ugh!

Before bed, I do a cup of herbal tea and my last dose of prescribed weight loss drops.

I’m drinking between 80 and 92 oz of water, caffeinated tea (I usually have 2 to 3 cups per day), herbal tea and bubbly water each day. I’m definitely peeing more but until a couple of days ago, I was really thirsty and felt I needed to drink more. My water consumption has decreased a little bit over the past couple of days.

Other than my face being broken out like a teenager right now, my detox symptoms have disappeared. I am still laid up with a broken ankle and taking pain meds as needed.

Now about my two cheats…I had to go out and go to the orthopedic doctor, had lunch before I left but with the extra work it took me to use my crutches, I’m sure I burned extra calories. On the way the back to my place, I asked my friend to stop at the Sugar Bake Shop and get me a Paleo muffin. I just love them and I brought it home and enjoyed it with a cup of tea. It was awesome, tasted so good and I didn’t feel back about cheating at all. I felt like I needed it that day. I got right back on track and that only added about 100 calories to my calories for the day. I’m sure the sugar in it wasn’t good, but it was so good. I’m remembering it fondly as I type this. 🙂

The other cheat was on Friday night. We had some people over to sign my cast and just hang out. After everyone left and we were cleaning up the kitchen, putting the crakers, chips, cheese, and salami away, I saw chocolate covered pretzels. I’m a sucker for anything chocolate covered. I found two broken pieces and ate them both when Steve wasn’t looking. I’m celiac and was pretty sure that I’d be sick that night from that splurge. I didn’t get sick, and even though I ate a small amount of sugar and gluten, I think my gut is healed or on it’s way to being healed from my drastic eating and lifestyle change. The chocolate covered pretzels weren’t as satisfying as the paleo muffin, even though they were tasty in the moment!

I have 17 more days to go on this program and I’m determined to see it through. I should be getting a walking boot next week and hope I can start weighing myself again and also get out of the house more. That will present with me a whole new set of challenges, as I’ll be able to get out and shop for myself again and eat out if I choose to. I can’t lie, I do miss carbs, I’m hungry alot and I don’t think I could eat like this forever. I do think I can make some drastic changes to be much more healthy, but limiting things that I love isn’t going to work for me long term. I can do anything for 40 days and will see this program through the end, after that, I hope to add some things back into my diet and I also hope to be able to eat more calories.

This program guarantees that you will lose between 20 and 45 pounds in 40 days. I will be happy with 20 to 25 pounds. If it’s higher than that, it will be a bonus to me.

I’ll write more in a couple of days. Thanks for following along on my crazy 40 day journey. A journey that has been crazier than I expected with my broken ankle added to the mix!

40 Day Weight Loss – Day 8 – 15

Weight – 240 (the last time I could accurately weigh myself)
Calories each day – between 500 and 650 per day

Since breaking my ankle a little more than a week ago, I’ve managed to stay on my diet and continue to lose weight. The last time I’ve been able to accurately weight myself was last Tuesday (2/3/15) before I got the cast put on. I balanced on one leg with all of weight, not holding onto anything and the scale said 240. I’ve tried to weight myself with the cast on, but I can’t put any weight on my left leg and I’m not getting an accurate weight trying to balance with the cast on.

I do believe I’m still losing weight though. My clothes are much looser and a friend who was visiting yesterday noticed and said he thought I looked like I have lost weight. I’m sure I am with the limited amount of calories I’m eating. Last week, I took pain meds when I needed them, rested alot, watched movies and visited with friends who came over to help me. I’m forever grateful to my friends who took time out of their busy lives to come help me last week. I’m a bit more mobile this week, so hopefully I can manage on my own a bit better.

I have wanted to quit and eat carbs more than once over the past week. I’ve been very weak, tired, in pain and just feeling sorry for myself on more than one occassion. When I’m feeling this way, I want comfort food and I also want sweets. That’s what I’m used to grabbing to comfort me when I’m emotionally not strong or having a tough day. I have cheated a couple of times when I was extremely hungry and ate some nuts, a hard boiled egg (they really satisfy me when I’m feeling the hunger pains) and a couple of chocolates. I know that was bad and probably set me back, but I didn’t over do it. I only had enough to curb my extreme hunger and got right back on track the next day. I’m giving myself a little wiggle room since I’m hurt and healing. Steve, my fiance, has been great and has kept me on track really well. He grocery shopped this weekend and only bought stuff that I can eat on the diet.

I’m a third of the way through the program and want to keep going, even though I’m sure there will be more hard days over the next three weeks. It’s not as bad as I thought it would be. As long as I have enough water, tea and bubbly water and don’t wait too long between lunch and dinner, I’m not hungry. If I wait to long between meals and don’t have enough liquids to drink, then I feel hunger, I get grumpy and feel like I want something bad…mostly sugar. I don’t actually crave it too bad though. I gave up Diet Coke cold turkey when I started this 40 day program and I don’t miss that at all. That’s a huge accomplishment for me. I used to drink 2 to 3 Diet Cokes a day. I know other people probably drink more than that. If you can only cut one thing out and it’s diet soda, please try to do that for your health. I bet you will lose some weight just from cutting that out. The fake sugar in Diet Soda actually causes you to store more fat. You think you’re doing good because you’re drinking “Diet” or low calorie drinks, when actually, it’s contributing to you keeping weight on and not allowing your body to lose the weight you want to lose.

I can’t weigh myself each day but am going to keep going. I’m excited to see what the scale and scan will say when I’m finally able to weigh myself and go in for the body scan in a few weeks. I think once I get a walking boot, I’ll be able to put weight on my left leg again. Then I’ll be able to weigh myself and get the body scan done at the doctors office. I’m sure my report will show a huge improvement.

I’ll talk more about my original body scan, what it said and why it scared me enough to do this extreme program in my next blog.

Thank you for continuing to follow along even though I’ve had a little set back, I’m sure I will be happy with the outcome at the end of this journey. I may need to do some additional work on my own, but that’s ok. I’m not afraid of hard work and this program has given me the kick start I needed, even with a broken ankle!

40 Day Weight Loss – Day 7

Weight – 243ish – I had a hard time weighing myself today
Calories – not many

So…I fell in the crazy snow storm we had unexpectedly last night and ended up breaking my left ankle in 2 places. I most likely will need surgery. I’m not sure how I’m going to continue on this program. I’m going to do my best, but I can’t weigh myself very well on one leg with crutches.

I’ve emailed my doctor to see what my options are. I’m definitely taking the pain meds that were prescribed today. I am in terrible pain and don’t think I’ll get through the next few days without them.

So for today…I’m in limbo. I’ll write as soon as I know how I’m going to continue with my broken left ankle, on pain meds, most likely needing surgery situation.

Until I know more, thank you for following along on this very interesting and crazy journey!