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40 Day Weight Loss – Day 40 and on…

Day 40 weight – 234

I made it through the 40 days! Whoot Hoot! It was hard, I’m not going to lie, but I feel really good about what I have lost. I didn’t lose as much as I’d have liked but considering the circumstances (my broken ankle) I feel I did pretty darn good. I’m now in the “Reset” phase. This phase will last until day 64. I’m supposed to be eating between 2,000 and 2,300 calories right not to maintain my current weight. Eating that many calories has been hard. I’m truly not that hungry and really am trying to eat healthy.

I’m still eating lean protein, veggies, and fruits. I’m not eating sugar, flour, rice, potatoes, bread or pasta still. I am allowed to eat healthy fats again (coconut oil, avocados, butter and almond butter). I actually really love coconut oil and almond butter. It’s super tasty!

I actually don’t miss any of “bad” stuff and really think I’m going to continue to eat this way. I have given up Diet Coke and only drink water, bubbly water and tea now. I have had a couple of natural ginger ales but for the most part, I’ve quit all artificial sweetened sodas. That was a huge accomplishment since I was really addicted to Diet Coke before I started the 40 Day Weight Loss program. I just feel so much better all around. My stomach issues are all but gone. I’ve had a couple of tummy issues but for the most part, I’m doing tons better!

My weight is currently at 232.2. I’m supposed to keep my weight +/- of 2 pounds of my final day 40 weight. I’d actually love to keep losing, but the way the program works is I need to get to day 64 staying between 232 and no higher than 236. If I can do that, then I can hopefully start the program over again. I haven’t gotten a confirmation from the Doctor that I can do the program over again, but that is what I’m asking for. I didn’t lose the “guaranteed” amount because of my broken ankle and being on pain meds. Since I didn’t lose the “guaranteed” amount of weight, i’ve asked if I can redo the program when I get to day 64. The doctor wants me to maintain my weight, increase my calorie intake and increase my water intake for the next 10 days (I’m on day 54 right now) and then we will talk and see if they will allow me to redo the program.

Even though it’s no-one’s fault, because of my injury, I wasn’t able to get all of the benefits, weigh ins, scans and doctor visits that I paid for. This program was very expensive and I feel that I should be allowed to redo the program and get all of the things I paid for but didn’t get. I feel this is a reasonable request, but I’ll find out for sure in about 10 days. I’ll have to report more on that in a couple of weeks.

I have lost a total of 17.2 pounds. My clothes are definitely loose and I feel really good. I want to keep it going and even if I can’t redo the program I plan to continue to eat healthy. I’m also getting more active – I started physical therapy this week, so my mobility is much better. I walked with a shoe on at PT today and did 15 minutes on the bike. That’s a huge improvement!

Check out my before and after photos so far. I’ll keep posting as I continue on this journey. Thanks for following along!

Meg aka Little Miss Idea's starting before picture
Meg aka Little Miss Idea’s starting before picture
17.2 pound down and more to go!
17.2 pound down and more to go!

40 Day Weight Loss – Day 39 almost done!

Weight: 236 with the cast on

Calories: 500 – 600

On the eve of the last day of the 40 day weight loss program that I’ve been following, I thought it would be fun to share a couple of the healthy but yummy recipes I’ve come to love during this 40 day journey. I have been hungry during this program and have eaten my fruit snacks each day except the days I drank wine.  To change things up, I’ve made a version of fruit or apple cobbler that still keeps me on the program and is DELISH! Try this sometime for a snack or dessert and let me know how you like it: Low Sugar/Low Fat Fruit Cobbler Dessert

  • 2 oz of Frozen Peaches 2 oz of Frozen Blueberries
  • 1 packet of Sweet Leaf Stevia
  • 2 tablespoons of Steele cut Oats
  • Mix together in glass Pyres dish and back at 350 for 30 minutes.

You can mix the fruit up and use mixed berries or substitute 4 oz of cut up apples sprinkled with cinnamon to get more of a apple cobbler dessert. I just LOVE this and have it a couple of nights a week with a cup of tea. It totally curbs my sweet tooth and satisfies me. Another dish that I have come to love is my version of Lettuce Wraps.

  • Cook 3 oz of cut up chicken breast or shrimp in a pan
  • In a separate pan, take 1 teaspoon of coconut oil and melt it down
  • Then add 1 teaspoon of diced garlic
  • 1 oz of frozen onions
  • 2 oz of raw spinach or broccoli slaw (you can find this near the salad bags in the produce section)
  • Saute until the spinach cooks down then add the chicken to heat up. Take mixture and add it to lettuce cups. You don’t need any sauce because the coconut oil, garlic and onions make a nice sauce that makes the lettuce wraps taste great.  The mixture makes enough to fill 3 or 4 lettuce cups.

I use “Green Pans” that I found at Target for a reasonable price. The Green Pans are non-stick but they aren’t harmful to humans or the environment. You don’t need to use oil to cook with them and they clean up with a wipe of a paper towel.  I LOVE how easy that is!  I would recommend picking up some green pans if you are planning on doing any kind of weight loss program or detox any time soon. If you get some, please let me know how you like them. I love mine and think you will too!Green pans

40 Day Weight Loss – Day 34 – 38

Weight: Day 34 – I couldn’t get a good weight with the cast on day 34; Day 35 – 234 with cast on; Day 36 – 234 with cast on; Day 37 – 234 with cast on; Day 38 – 236 with cast on.
Calories: Between 399.6 and 699.5 – I cheated over the weekend a little bit and am paying for it now.

I only have two more days until the completion of this program. I’m definitely stuck and had a really bad weekend. I cheated a couple of times this weekend and am paying for it now. I gained 2 pounds instead of losing any between yesterday and today. I’m getting back on track today and am going to follow the program to a T for the next 2 days. I’m also going to do the restore & reset phases exactly as they say to do.

The program basically has 6 R’s or 6 phases:

Phase 1 – Ready Phase (1st Day) take Weight Loss Drops but LOAD up on Good Fats

• Phase 2 – Reduce Phase (Days 2-40) Weight Loss Drops with Very Low Calorie Meals

• Phase 3 – Restore Phase (Days 41-43) The same Very Low Calorie Diet as in Phase 2, but NO Weight Loss Drops

• Phase 4 – Reset Phase (3 weeks following the Restore Phase) 3 meals – fats & oils permitted, but NO sugar

• Phase 5 – Re-entry Phase (3 week period following the Reset Phase) Identifying “cautious/trigger foods”

• Phase 6 – Remain Phase remain living LIFE as a thin and healthy person

I won’t be at my goal weight after Phase 3, so I’m going to see if I can repeat the program for 40 more days. It was hard, but I’m determined to lose the weight so I really want to continue it and lose as much as I can. If I can’t do that, I’ll continue with Phase 4 and continue with NO Sugar. I’m actually looking forward to being able to eat 3 meals and add fats/oils back into my diet. I have been very hungry and miss the healthy fats like avocados!

So even though I over did it this weekend (I’m only human) with wine and more calories (some included a little bit of sugar), I’m still determined to continue on and keep sugar, flour and other harmful to me carbs out of my diet long term. I’m still very happy with my results. Considering I’ve been laid up, not very mobile and a little emotional during this entire program I feel I did really well. I’ve NEVER stuck to anything this long before. I’ve also NEVER lost this much weight in a healthy way in such a short amount of time before. So it’s a win-win for me so far!