Remote, Online, Work-From-Anywhere Legit Gigs

As I previously stated about the Gig Economy or becoming a Freelancer, there really are legit remote, online, work-from-anywhere gigs that are available right now. I have done some research and found some resources that I want to share with you. I’m hoping this will make your search a little bit easier.

Work from anywhere, part-time, full-time, on demand, Freelance or other...

As I previously stated in my post on Tuesday about the Gig Economy or becoming a Freelancer, there really are legit remote, online, work-from-anywhere gigs that are available right now. I have done some research and found some resources that I want to share with you. I’m hoping this will make your search a little bit easier. You can bookmark these pages and check back often!

Remote Gigs

I follow this YouTuber & blogger, Justin Bryant. He creates videos and posts job openings all of the time. You can follow him on YouTube or subscribe to his newsletter so that you get all of the new remote or online job postings in your inbox regularly. The one thing about the jobs he posts is that most of them are full-time. They are usually remote and some are more flexible than others. It’s worth the follow or subscribe though!

Master Resell Rights

If you are a savvy Social Media person and like to post videos, reels, and stories often, this may be the perfect way for you to make passive income. You will have to enter your first name and a valid email address in order to get to the next page where you can read more about it and learn more. I personally know someone who has done this and has earned $1 Million dollars in about 6 months. She is very active on social media and took the course and then implemented everything that she learned. If you have about 5 hours to devote to creating your website and funnel, this may be the perfect side gig for you!

Affiliate Marketing on Pinterest

Have you heard of Affiliate Marketing? I have and have dipped my toe into it a little bit. It’s basically where you promote brands or different products on your own website, or on your social media or Pinterest platforms. You sign up to be an Affiliate Marketer on the brands or companies of the products you want to promote. You get your own unique affiliate ID link and then you use that link in whatever way you are promoting the product or brand that you love. It works best if you promote things that you use or love yourself. Here’s a good video that I found on YouTube with training on how to create your own affiliate marketing gig using Pinterest. Most users on Pinterest are women and most have incomes that are six figures or more. That’s important when considering the platform you want to promote.

Multi Level Marketing (MLM)

I’m sure you’ve heard of MLMs. If not, I’d be really surprised. There are tons of MLM’s out there and they are not all created equal. MLMs are a great way to make extra money, but honestly, only if you really love the product or products that they are selling. I also feel the compensation plan needs to be simple and easy to follow. It also needs to have more than one way to earn money if you are considering signing up for an MLM. I recommend that you try the products and ask the right questions to whoever introduces you to the MLM you may be considering. I have to be honest, I have been an MLM junkie in the past. I have signed up for many of them, but then other than trying to sell to my friends and family have failed miserably with them. I usually spend more money than I make. However, if you are dedicated, love the products, and have a great upline who is willing to teach you how to get outside of your friends and family to build your customer base and recruit qualified people to your team, this may be a great way for you to make extra money or make it your full-time gig. Here’s an MLM that I’m involved in and LOVE.

The Choice is Yours

Whatever you decide to do for yourself and your family, I hope you find something that will work well with your schedule and your values. I also hope that you find something that will allow you to earn however much you need or want to earn while you are doing your side or full-time remote Gig. Please leave a comment and let me know if anything I talked about above worked well for you or not.

Broken Hair End of Summer Blues?


*This post may contain affiliate links.

Is your hair broken, damaged or over processed from the sun, chlorine and highlights that you put it through over the summer? I have a friend who even went as far as to change her hair color to a medium brown from a dark blonde. Her hair was breaking from being over processed with highlights. It looks great and she makes a GREAT brunette…but there is a better way to save your end of summer broken hair.

I started doing this a few weeks ago and have noticed a huge difference. My hair is very blonde, thin and breaks easily. It often looks frizzy and I have fly aways that drive me nuts after styling. Do I have your attention? I’m sure you are dying to know my secret to softer and healthier looking hair.

What I’ve been doing lately, is conditioning my hair first. Yep…it’s that easy. I used to shampoo my hair first then leave the conditioner on while I did everything else in the shower or tub. Now, I have reversed that and I put the conditioner on and let it sit until the very end. Then I rinse the conditioner out and shampoo, making sure that I lather it really well so that I get all of the conditioner out. If I DON’T rinse the conditioner well, my hair can be heavy and look greasy by the end of the day.  I have been doing this for three weeks now and not only does my hair look healthier, it’s shinier and and has more volume. It’s amazing!

Over the winter I paid $40 to have a deep conditioning treatment at a salon…I had dyed part of my hair blue and it bled, so I looked more like a smurf than myself. I had to go back three times to get the color right and get the blue out of the parts of my hair that I didn’t want it. The color remover was really strong.  It stripped and damaged my hair. My hair was hard to comb and tangled easily. Talk about looking frizzy and unhealthy. It looked much better after the $40 conditioning treatment, but I wish I had discovered how to do it at home before I spent the money.

I now do the condition then shampoo routine and follow up with a leave-in heat protecting conditioning spray after I towel dry my hair.  Then I’m able to comb through my hair easily and it styles nice and smooth!

Give this method a try and let me know if it helps improve the condition (pun intended) of your hair after a week or two.  I think you’ll find it really does help.  I’m a believer now!


AfterHours Denver Christmas in the park 2015

Here is my third guest blog that I wrote about AfterHours yearly event, Christmas in the Park. This event just gets bigger and bigger each year. This year, we were able to give out more sleeping bags. Hand out more coats. Give a little joy to almost 1,000 of our homeless friends. I’m proud to be a member of this organization and to be able to write for them. Read the post here.

Fun Holiday Get Together Ideas

The Holidays are just around the corner and some of us would like to have small or large get together’s/gatherings. Here are a couple of fun ideas to do or have your next party be themed around these ideas:

Host an Ornament Exchange. It’s almost like a white elephant party where the ornament can be stolen 2 or 3 times (depends on who makes the rules!). How my friends have done it is we let the ornament be stolen up to 2 times and when it’s with the third person, that person gets to keep it. If there’s great wrapping or packaging, the final owner gets to keep that too.

Do you host an annual Ugly Sweater party? Why not add to that party by also doing “Ugly Sweater Cookie” decorating. Sprouts sells a kit of already made “Ugly Sweater” shaped sugar cookies and everything you need to decorate those cookies. You may need to buy a few kits so that everyone has a cookie to take home with them. This would be fun for the kids for sure!

Host a cookie exchange party. Everyone brings 2 to 4 dozen different cookies that they made at home then everyone gets to pick different cookies to take home with them. If you are hosting this type of party, be sure you get goodie bags or the disposable plastic wear so everyone has something to take their cookies home in.

Host a Secret Santa party. Ask your guests to bring a gender neutral gift wrapped, then everyone picks a number and when your number is called you get to pick a gift from under the tree. To spice this up, you could do this kind of like the Ornament Exchange or the White Elephant type party and let people steal the gifts up to 2 or 3 times. This is different than the white elephant party because it’s something nice. You may wan to set a price limit so that everyone’s gifts are around the same value.

For after the holidays, after the excitement of the holidays has died down, it’s super fun to host a White Elephant party. We host one every year and it’s gotten bigger every year and also is so much fun. We do a potluck and ask everyone to bring a dish to share. We also ask everyone to bring a White Elephant gift. The gift can be nice or a hand me down that our Great Aunt Marge gave you. We do set a price limit and then let the fun begin!

I’d like to wish you all a very happy holiday season. I hope you have plans to be festive with your family and friends. If not, enjoy the quiet and solitude and do something nice for yourself!

Happy Holidays from Little Miss Idea!

Confessions of a Channel Marketer

At the current time, I have “one foot in and one foot out” of the IT Channel. My background is IT Channel Marketing. I have been dabbling in other areas and trying my hand at event management, small business marketing execution and even wedding planning over the past nine months. All have been really fun and a great learning process for me to figure out what my true strengths are. However, I am and always will be a Channel Marketer at heart.

I was recently interviewed by ALLBOUND.  ALLBOUND is an innovative SaaS platform that simplifies and accelerates your ability to recruit, onboard, measure and grow your partners.  If you’d like a demo of their platform, go to: REQUEST A DEMO

During the interview, the questions I was asked were thought provoking and I answered them honestly and as best as I could with my current “one foot in and one foot out” Channel situation. I know that things can change in an instant so my answers reflect my personal experience when I was 100% vested in my different Channel roles.

I hope you will enjoy reading the interview. I really enjoyed the process of being interviewed and seeing the final outcome. I think ALLBOUND did an excellent job relaying my thoughts and interpreting all of my statements. Thank you ALLBOUND!

Click here to read the full interview

What Domain Extension speaks to you?

As you know, I am currently making changes to my business model, business name and services. As I’m making these changes I’m having a hard time deciding what domain extension to use. Since I can’t decide and more than one is speaking to me, I thought I’d ask my blog readers which one speaks to them more.

Out of the following domain extensions, does any one of them speak to you more than the others?


Please comment and let me know one or two that you really like and tell me what emotion they bring up for you.

Thank you for your help with this decision that is proving to be hard!

My decision to leave my corporate job…brought me joy!

Stressed to Bliss!
Going from Stressed to Bliss is possible!

More than twenty years ago, I fell into my career. I didn’t graduate with a Marketing degree. In fact, I had wanted to be a teacher and didn’t plan on becoming a marketing professional at all. I loved kids and wanted to make a difference in their lives. At the time, I thought becoming a teacher was the way to do that. I struggled in college due to having to work more than full time to pay for life and school. Life ended up winning and I worked more than I went to class. It took me almost ten years to complete a two year degree.

Not having a bachelor’s degree was a stumbling block that I had to overcome early on. I over came this by having a charismatic, likeable personality. Going above and beyond and just getting things done. I was known as a go-getter, the person who you wanted on your team if you had lofty goals and needed someone to successfully see the project through to completion. Now years later, thankfully, no one is interested in my education but rather my experience and my professional successes. My go get em’ attitude and work ethic has served me well.

A little more than a year ago, I was working in a job that I didn’t love but could do in my sleep. It was easy and I was good at it. I made great money, had even better benefits but it didn’t fulfill me or satisfy my need to “give back”. I worked for “the man” and just helped a corporation make more money. I got no joy from this and in fact, it took more from my life than it enhanced it.  I was eternally stressed out, always sick, constantly worried that I wasn’t enough and working 60+ hours a week. I didn’t have fun anymore. I was at the doctors all of the time and took way to many sick days because I was physically sick more than I was well. I was taking more medications than I could count. All of my illnesses were stress induced, and since quitting, I’m so excited that I’m no longer on any meds and have lost more than 30 pounds. I am not making a ton of money these days, but I am healthier and happier than I’ve ever been!

Sometimes, choosing to be happy means giving up what you think may be your security blanket of a steady salary and benefits. Don’t get me wrong, making a good living and having great benefits is important but not compared to your health and happiness. If you are working all of the time but not finding any joy in what you are doing, then what’s the point? That’s where I was at.

I didn’t have the best action plan in place when I quit my corporate job, but I am figuring it out as I go. It’s been a great learning process. I’m learning what I’m really good at, what I enjoy doing, that it’s important for me to give back and help others and so much more! I didn’t make a ton of money over the past year, but I made enough to make ends meet and have a little fun along the way.

I’m happy to report that although I’m not making six figures my happiness level is the highest it’s ever been. That speaks volumes and reminds me every day that I made the right decision to quit my job and do things that make me happy instead of working at a job that brought me no joy. If after reading this, you decide that quitting your job is what you’d also like to do, I recommend that you have an action plan in place BEFORE you do that. Here are a few things that are essential for this plan to be successful:

1.      Before you walk into your bosses’ office to give your notice, try journaling to figure out your feelings about your job/career and to help you identify what it is you could start doing that will bring you more joy!

2.     Have a plan about what you are going to do to make the money you will need to support yourself. Have at least three to six months of savings to fall back on. 3.      Make sure your credit cards and other revolving credit lines are paid off but don’t close them. You may need to use credit when you are figuring things out and just getting started.

4.      Be creative and ask your friends and/or professional contacts in your network for their opinion on your idea, business name, business model and any marketing materials. Remember it’s your business and your plan though, so don’t take other’s criticism or any negative comments to personally. It’s ultimately your decision on how you are going make this new way of working and living work for you; be it a new business, freelance jobs or odd jobs that you would love. You will have nay-sayers, but try your best to surround yourself with those friends and contacts that support your idea and lift you up.  That will be a lifesaver for your emotional state and well being.

My decision to leave my J.O.B. didn’t happen over night. I had many obstacles, disappointments and challenges that I had to endure before I came to this decision. I have no regrets and feel that I have more opportunities than I had while I was working full time. I now have time to explore different avenues, network and figure out what I really want to do with the rest of my life. It’s working out beautifully for me and I wish the same for you!

Spring is here…time to clean out & get ready for Summer!

ClosetbeforeSpring has sprung, at least here in Colorado. The weather is getting warmer and soon we all will be spending more time outside.  Let us help you get your home organized so that you have more time this Spring to do the things outside that you love! Do you have closets that need cleaned out or organized? Is it time to move your winter clothes and linens out and move your spring/summer essentials back in? If you need help organizing anything from drawers, pantries, closets, craft rooms, or garages…Little Miss Idea can help you get it all done quickly and efficiently.

Did you know that we also specialize in event planning and execution? We can help you plan and execute your upcoming graduation party, baby shower or bridal shower. We can help with managing your invitation/RSVP list, planning your menu, selecting the decorations for your party, setting up the day of, and serving & managing trash during the party and also cleaning up the day of your party.  The next time you are planning a party that you may need help with, please consider calling on Little Miss Idea to help you pull it off flawlessly!

We work on referrals, so if you have a friend or family member who may need our help this spring or summer, please send them our way. Our mission is to help others by giving them some time and peace of mind back in their life!

40 Day Weight Loss – Day 40 and on…

Day 40 weight – 234

I made it through the 40 days! Whoot Hoot! It was hard, I’m not going to lie, but I feel really good about what I have lost. I didn’t lose as much as I’d have liked but considering the circumstances (my broken ankle) I feel I did pretty darn good. I’m now in the “Reset” phase. This phase will last until day 64. I’m supposed to be eating between 2,000 and 2,300 calories right not to maintain my current weight. Eating that many calories has been hard. I’m truly not that hungry and really am trying to eat healthy.

I’m still eating lean protein, veggies, and fruits. I’m not eating sugar, flour, rice, potatoes, bread or pasta still. I am allowed to eat healthy fats again (coconut oil, avocados, butter and almond butter). I actually really love coconut oil and almond butter. It’s super tasty!

I actually don’t miss any of “bad” stuff and really think I’m going to continue to eat this way. I have given up Diet Coke and only drink water, bubbly water and tea now. I have had a couple of natural ginger ales but for the most part, I’ve quit all artificial sweetened sodas. That was a huge accomplishment since I was really addicted to Diet Coke before I started the 40 Day Weight Loss program. I just feel so much better all around. My stomach issues are all but gone. I’ve had a couple of tummy issues but for the most part, I’m doing tons better!

My weight is currently at 232.2. I’m supposed to keep my weight +/- of 2 pounds of my final day 40 weight. I’d actually love to keep losing, but the way the program works is I need to get to day 64 staying between 232 and no higher than 236. If I can do that, then I can hopefully start the program over again. I haven’t gotten a confirmation from the Doctor that I can do the program over again, but that is what I’m asking for. I didn’t lose the “guaranteed” amount because of my broken ankle and being on pain meds. Since I didn’t lose the “guaranteed” amount of weight, i’ve asked if I can redo the program when I get to day 64. The doctor wants me to maintain my weight, increase my calorie intake and increase my water intake for the next 10 days (I’m on day 54 right now) and then we will talk and see if they will allow me to redo the program.

Even though it’s no-one’s fault, because of my injury, I wasn’t able to get all of the benefits, weigh ins, scans and doctor visits that I paid for. This program was very expensive and I feel that I should be allowed to redo the program and get all of the things I paid for but didn’t get. I feel this is a reasonable request, but I’ll find out for sure in about 10 days. I’ll have to report more on that in a couple of weeks.

I have lost a total of 17.2 pounds. My clothes are definitely loose and I feel really good. I want to keep it going and even if I can’t redo the program I plan to continue to eat healthy. I’m also getting more active – I started physical therapy this week, so my mobility is much better. I walked with a shoe on at PT today and did 15 minutes on the bike. That’s a huge improvement!

Check out my before and after photos so far. I’ll keep posting as I continue on this journey. Thanks for following along!

Meg aka Little Miss Idea's starting before picture
Meg aka Little Miss Idea’s starting before picture

17.2 pound down and more to go!
17.2 pound down and more to go!

40 Day Weight Loss – Day 34 – 38

Weight: Day 34 – I couldn’t get a good weight with the cast on day 34; Day 35 – 234 with cast on; Day 36 – 234 with cast on; Day 37 – 234 with cast on; Day 38 – 236 with cast on.
Calories: Between 399.6 and 699.5 – I cheated over the weekend a little bit and am paying for it now.

I only have two more days until the completion of this program. I’m definitely stuck and had a really bad weekend. I cheated a couple of times this weekend and am paying for it now. I gained 2 pounds instead of losing any between yesterday and today. I’m getting back on track today and am going to follow the program to a T for the next 2 days. I’m also going to do the restore & reset phases exactly as they say to do.

The program basically has 6 R’s or 6 phases:

Phase 1 – Ready Phase (1st Day) take Weight Loss Drops but LOAD up on Good Fats

• Phase 2 – Reduce Phase (Days 2-40) Weight Loss Drops with Very Low Calorie Meals

• Phase 3 – Restore Phase (Days 41-43) The same Very Low Calorie Diet as in Phase 2, but NO Weight Loss Drops

• Phase 4 – Reset Phase (3 weeks following the Restore Phase) 3 meals – fats & oils permitted, but NO sugar

• Phase 5 – Re-entry Phase (3 week period following the Reset Phase) Identifying “cautious/trigger foods”

• Phase 6 – Remain Phase remain living LIFE as a thin and healthy person

I won’t be at my goal weight after Phase 3, so I’m going to see if I can repeat the program for 40 more days. It was hard, but I’m determined to lose the weight so I really want to continue it and lose as much as I can. If I can’t do that, I’ll continue with Phase 4 and continue with NO Sugar. I’m actually looking forward to being able to eat 3 meals and add fats/oils back into my diet. I have been very hungry and miss the healthy fats like avocados!

So even though I over did it this weekend (I’m only human) with wine and more calories (some included a little bit of sugar), I’m still determined to continue on and keep sugar, flour and other harmful to me carbs out of my diet long term. I’m still very happy with my results. Considering I’ve been laid up, not very mobile and a little emotional during this entire program I feel I did really well. I’ve NEVER stuck to anything this long before. I’ve also NEVER lost this much weight in a healthy way in such a short amount of time before. So it’s a win-win for me so far!