About Little Miss Idea

My nickname growing up and into adulthood was “Little Miss Idea”. I have a knack for coming up with great ideas for people just by talking with them and getting to know them a bit.  I decided to write this blog as an outlet for my creativity.  I have worked for other people in offices (cube nation) for too many years and haven’t been able to really let my creativity shine.  In this blog, I can be myself, share my thoughts and opinions freely and be as creative as I like.

I’m very creative in my personal life and love to make things over, i.e. furniture and closets most recently.  I also love to create crafts and art projects. I’m an avid flower lover and create beautiful floral arrangements for my home, office and as gifts for friends as often as I can.

I may blog about a great restaurant, film or play I’ve been to, or an awesome trip my husband and I just returned from and all of the fun things we did on that trip. I may blog about a DIY project, a craft idea I have, a workshop I have hosted or been too and so much more.  My interests are varied and my experience is diverse, so you just never know what I may write about on any given day.  Some things you can count on seeing on this blog are:

  • Hot Springs – “It’s a Hot Spring’s way of life” is a new section that I just added and will be adding a ton of information about all of the hot springs I’ve been to along with descriptions and photos
  • Skin Care tips and tricks – I’m a State of Colorado Licensed Esthetician and have a passion for great skin and skin care products!
  • Self-care articles that make you dig a little deeper into your own soul – that’s the Certified Life Coach and eternal happiness seeker in me
  • DIY projects that I’ve completed – successfully or not
  • And lots of fun ideas to either help you save or make more money, time and energy.

Thank you for following along and making my blog a part of your day.  I look forward to connecting with you on the blog or on my social sites.

With my deepest gratitude,


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