#45 – Moving is usually not fun, but here are a couple of ideas that hopefully will make it more fun, less expensive and less stressful!

With interest rates at an all time low again and housing prices lower than they have been in several years, if you have good credit and a down payment, it’s a great time to buy a new house, condo or town-home.  I know a lot of people who have made the jump from renters to home owners recently and have either already moved this fall or are moving before the holidays.

We all know that moving is stressful and expensive, but what if you could make moving a little bit more fun and less expensive?!  Here’s an idea…why not invite some friends over…5 or 6…for a “Packing Party“?!  As long as you have enough boxes, tape, packing paper/bubble wrap and several sharpies available, you could potentially get most of your house or apartment packed up in a night with a bottle or two of wine and some take out!  It’s also kind of fun to have the camaraderie of your peeps supporting you with your next adventure.  You could do the same once you actually move…host an “Un-Packing Party“…same concept, you’ll just have to be a little more organized and have an idea of where you’d like things to go in your new place.

Packing material can get pricey.  So…to keep those costs down, check with your local book stores to see if they give boxes away for free.  Think about all the boxes they must get with dozens of books in them daily.  The book boxes are actually the perfect size so that you don’t over-pack or get your boxes too heavy.  You back, movers or friends who help you move, will definitely thank you come moving day for keeping the boxes light weight!  The Tattered Cover book store in Denver, leaves their boxes outside for people in the community to come and pick up for FREE! 

Some moving companies will also sell used boxes for a discount, some up to half off.  So when you are reserving your U-haul or moving van, ask them if they offer discounted used boxes.  If you have to buy boxes, as long as they are still in good shape, why buy new?!

So…if you are planning your next big move, I hope you’ll consider these ideas and I hope they help make moving more fun, less expensive and especially less stressful!