Monarch Mountain is on sale…today only!

#50 – Get a lift ticket for 50% off at Monarch Mountain in Colorado, today only.

Everyone knows that skiing and snowboarding is a lot of fun but can be a very expensive hobby.  Monarch Mountain, which is near Buena Vista & Fairplay is offering a 50% off deal for lift tickets if you purchase them today.  If you’d like to explore a different part of Colorado that is off of the I-70 ski route, check them out:  The website is slow to load, so be patient.  It sounds like a lovely place to get your ski or snowboarding on!

Don’t Miss Restaurant Week

#51 – Make a reservation to try a new restaurant in your city, you won’t regret it!

Starting on February 25th to March 9th many restaurants across the United States are participating in “Restaurant Week”, an event that actually spans two weeks.  Many higher end restaurants will be offering multi-course meals for a discount.  In Denver the price is $52.80 per couple or $26.40 per person, so you don’t have to be on a date to enjoy Restaurant Week.  You can get a group of friends together and pay only $26.40 each.  What a deal!

Check to see which restaurants in your area are participating in this great event by googling “restaurant week” and adding your city to browse the menu selections and prices.  It’s a great way to try the restaurants you’ve been wanting to try for a low cost.   Many of the restaurants also offer gluten-free selections for those who have gluten sensitivities, like I do.  I was pleasantly surprised to see this.  Make sure to call ahead and make reservations.  Many restaurants fill up fast, especially on the weekends. 

I have reservations at two different restaurants for Restaurant Week.  I’m excited to try these restaurants and enjoy an evening out with friends that I may not have been able to afford, otherwise.  Bon Appetite!