Food Sampler…not just at Costco anymore

#59 – Food sampling in grocery stores, Walmart  & Wholesale stores like Costco, Sam’s Club or BJ’s Wholesale

If you have an outgoing personality, like people and don’t mind wearing a hair net, being a food sampler during the holidays might be a great way to make some money.  Some stores hire food samplers directly but most often these type of positions are hired through promotion companies.  If there’s a store (or a few) in your area that you’d like to be a food sampler at, call the store and ask the manager or assistant manager who you should contact to be able to sample different products during the holidays.  Be prepared to work evenings and weekends.  Most stores only sample food items during the busy times.  You might find a new product that you didn’t know you love while making money sharing it at your local grocery or wholesale store.