Writing makes me happy!

I have spent the better part of today writing three guest blogs for an organization that is near and dear to my heart. I loved writing the posts for them and since I’m passionate about feeding and helping the homeless in Denver, it was very easy for me to write three blog posts. It helped another member of AfterHoursDenver by saving her quite a bit of time. It helped me hone in on my writing skills more, get out of my own head, get away from my ankle recovery and think about how little it takes to help others in need.

If I were as passionate about some of my previous jobs as I am about writing and helping the homeless, who knows what I could have accomplished!?! I know that people say if you do what you love, the money will find you. I’m hoping that is true for me in 2016. I’m going to write more…I have a few wedding blogs to post soon. I’m incorporating them with photos and giving credit to all of the vendors, so they are taking a bit longer. I’m planning to send more articles to other websites to try to get my articles published by someone other than me. I’m guest blogging for anyone who asks(as long as I’m knowledgeable about their topic) and I’m starting a new Vintage bridal business – That Vintage Bride. If you are interested in reading more about that business, please like and follow us on Facebook.

Thankful for Long Johns at Civic Center Park – Thanksgiving 2015

I was asked to be a guest blogger for an organization that I’m a member of – AfterHoursdenver.org. Please take a minute and read about the love and joy AfterHours Denver was able to spread on Thanksgiving this year!