Spring Cleaning & Organizing

Summer is just around the corner. The official first day of summer is June 21st! With all that summer brings…BBQ’s, baseball games, camping trips, hiking, pool days and so much more, why not use the next month to get your personal space organized and ready for summer?!

It’s been proven that when your personal space is organized, de-cluttered and clean you are more productive in all areas of your life. I am a firm believer of that, but also know how overwhelming the task of actually doing this can be. I recommend starting small. It won’t be as overwhelming if you do just one thing at a time. It’s also a bit contagious, so once you’ve organized one closet or drawer, the urge to do others will most likely naturally follow.

If you feel the job is too big for you to tackle on your own, enlist the help of a friend or two or hire a professional, like me to come in and help you formulate an action plan and put it into motion. You will feel very accomplished once it’s done and you get used to keeping it tidy as you go. You’ll be amazed at how much easier it is to get this done with help.

For this week, tackle one thing in your personal space that you know you can do on your own; clean out your drunk drawer, organize your linen closet, hang up all of the clothes that have been piled on the chair in your bedrooms for weeks…whatever has been on your list to get done. Just pick one and take note of how you feel once it’s done. I bet you will feel a little freer and satisfied that you are able to check one thing off of your list.

Cheers to fun summer picnics in the park and all the wonderful things that summer has to offer!