Are you a Creative Gift Giver? How about starting a Gift Basket Business?!

#71 – Gift baskets…bowls…bags…or anything that would be a great container to hold & deliver gifts in

I recently needed a “Get Well Gift” for a good friend who had emergency surgery.  I tried to find a local company to put together a great get well gift and deliver it.  I did find a company but when I reached out to them, they told me they weren’t doing customized gifts any longer.  I was really disappointed to find this out but I was creative and came up with my own gift and then delivered it myself.  Luckily, my friend was recuperating close to where I live or doing this myself could have been quite a challenge.  I noticed that many gift basket companies such as the ones I found when I googled “Get Well Gifts”, were baskets of tea or coffee, chocolates, cookies or a combo of all of these OR flowers and edible arrangements (fruit on a stick that looks like flowers).  These are all great, but I really wanted to be able to customize my gift with things that would comfort my friend (like soup, tea, frozen popsicles, magazines, etc…) not just send flowers.  I also found that the delivery charges were almost as much as the gift I wanted to purchase, doubling the amount of money I wanted to spend.  This made me think of the idea that if someone was creative and a bargain shopper, starting a gift basket company and delivering them to their local area, they might be able to turn a nice profit or make some extra cash at the very least. 

I’m sure there are many ways to set up the choices that customers can choose from, and that of course, will be a personal choice for you, but I would highly recommend having a great “Get Well” gift available or customizable selections available for cusomers to choose when they need a gift like I needed recently.   If you have time to put personalized gifts together and deliver them, I think busy professionals like myself would definitely use your service, especially if they truly are customizeable.