Rejection is tough, but sometimes it’s a good thing!

I have been looking for and interviewing for part time marketing jobs and was a final candidate for two that I was really excited about. I could have seen myself doing really well at either of them. I was feeling very confident and fairly certain that I was going to have to make a choice when I was offered them both. So you can imagine my disappointment and how rejected I felt when I wasn’t offered either of them!

I could have really gone down a rat hole and been super depressed over this, however, I chose to see the blessing and opportunity in this situation instead. At the time I was interviewing and trying to come up with a way to start a new job, get married, go on a honeymoon but still be “available and effective” in my new job. That was extremely stressful for me and not very realistic. Now without the stress of a new job, I can get married, really enjoy my day with my husband and enjoy all of my guests who are coming from afar to celebrate with us and then take a fabulous honeymoon without any guilt of having just started a new job and needing time off right away. I was very honest about the time off I would need while I was interviewing. I’m not sure if that played a part in their decision to not hire me. It may have. It doesn’t really matter though. What matters is now I can be present and really enjoy my time off.

I will continue my search for the perfect marketing or communications job for me when I return from my honeymoon. I feel there will be more opportunities available for me when I can fully devote my time and energy to the job at hand, which will be finding the perfect position that will be a perfect fit for me this time around. So even though I felt rejected for a few minutes after each call. It was short lived and actually has allowed me to really think about what I want for myself and to develop a better plan for the type of work I want to do and how I want to spend my time while I’m working in the future. That’s pretty amazing in my eyes!

One thought on “Rejection is tough, but sometimes it’s a good thing!”

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