Abundant ideas to foster creativity and prosperity!

Welcome to Little Miss Idea.  I am passionate about helping others create abundance and prosperity in their lives.  I want to help people develop their own ideas, see the potential, or think outside of the box on how they can take their idea to the next level in their lives and prosper from it either spiritually or financially.  Sometimes, I may just share ideas that I come up with on my own or from information I come across randomly.  I often think of ways to make extra money, especially now, as I was recently laid off from my full-time Marketing job.  There are lots of things you can do to make some quick cash or extra money in tough times.  I will share these ideas on future blogs.  Many of the ideas that I will share with you, I have myself tried at some point in my life.

My nick name has been “Little Miss Idea” for many years now.  When myself and most of my friends were younger and not very financially secure, I was very resourceful.  I did every odd job you can think of to make extra money or to make ends meet.  I always had ideas for how my friends could take something they really liked doing and turn it into income or if they liked their 9-5 gig, just make some extra money.  Over the years, I’ve helped many friends, family members, customers and colleagues come up with new ideas/opportunities just by listening to them talk about what they love!

I’m hoping to inspire many more with my blog.  I truly enjoy helping others and believe that you can do anything you put your mind to, no matter your financial situation.  I also believe that if you are good to others, share your knowledge and abundance with those around you that it will come back to you ten fold.   So cheers to sharing ideas and creating abundant & prosperous lives!

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