Girls…If you can “Rock” a Promotional Tank or Dress to make some extra money, why not?!

#80 – Promotional gigs at pubs, nightclubs and bars…

I was out this weekend with some friends and the “Jameson Girls” came into the Irish Pub we were hanging out at “rockin” long sleeve t-shirt type, green Jameson branded dresses (they weren’t too revealing but hugged their bodies nicely…so if you have nice curves…this dress would work for sure!) and passing out FREE samples of Jameson and Ginger drinks…pretty tasty!  They were also doing a pop quiz on an iPad where if you got the answers correct they’d give you a Jameson branded  hats or ear-buds. Pretty cool give-aways…better than a t-shirt, in my opinion anyway.  They all looked like they were having a great time, so I asked one of the girls how she found out about this gig and what did it really entail?  She was very generous with the information she shared and told me she found it on Craigslist and that it was pretty easy and really fun.   She not only did promotions for Jameson, but some other libation companies as well.  She said she made anywhere between $8 and $25 an hour depending on the night and what “brand” she was working for.  She also shared that weekends usually pay a little more than weeknights but she never worked more than about 4 hours a night, no matter week night or weekend.  As she was telling me all of this, I couldn’t wait to blog about it and share this idea.  I’ve seen the “Bud Girls” and other beer girls walking around giving away promotional items at bars before, but I hadn’t really thought about this as a viable part-time money maker.  My one caution…save the money you make “rockin” the hot dress or tank top and let the “boys” buy you drinks after your shift is over…then you can use the money for cab fare or a new pair of fall boots!

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