See New Release feature films…BEFORE they are released for FREE

#62 – Movie Screenings – this is worth checking out regularly…

Most big ticket New Release Hollywood films offer FREE screenings in major cities.  Check out gofobo for upcoming FREE movie screening in your area.  You must sign up for an account and also request tickets to the screening in advance.  When you get tickets to a screening you can’t wait to see, make sure you get there early.  They release more tickets than there are seats and always turn people away…so if the screening says it starts at 7 pm, I’d recommend getting there at 6 pm.  You will have to wait in line, so take some snacks and a drink…especially if you are coming right from work.  This is a great way to see new movies for FREE.  If you’ve cut movies out of your budget, this is a great way to put them back in and enjoy going to the movies again without spending a dime!

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