Quote…Quote…Quote…your boat! Or your Car…your House…your RV…

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Insurance rates on anything that you may need insurance coverage on can change drastically every year.  So before your insurance premium is due this year, shop around at different Insurance Companies and get multiple quotes.  Or to save time, you can find a Broker who will get multiple quotes for you. Multiple quotes are important to find the best deal for your insurance needs.  There are several companies like this out there that do these types of searches.  I have used a company here in Colorado, Olson & Olson and the were able to quote me several different rates for different policies.  When you request quotes from these brokers, make sure that you are comparing apples to apples by checking to make sure each quote you receive is for the same coverage that you currently have.  Your local financial advisor may be able to refer you to a broker or reputable insurance agent that he or she uses regularly to help clients save money.  You could ultimately save quite a bit of money every year, especially if you are a safe driver, and don’t have any accidents or traffic violations.  It’s worth checking and hopefully you’ll be pleasantly surprised with a lower insurance bill.

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