More Art ideas…beauty should be shared…right?

Back to the Art topic…a topic dear to my heart for many reasons…

#84 – Turning your Art into Prints, postcards, note-cards or magnets & selling them at craft fairs, farmer’s markets, holiday bazaar’s, websites or even at local gift shops…

There are sites out there that will turn your art into printed materials and possibly also drop ship them to your customers for you.  You will need to have high quality digital photos of any pieces that you might like to turn into prints, postcards, note-cards, magnets, t-shirts or caps.  If you don’t have a good digital camera, ask a friend to help you take photos of your pieces.  This will also help you inventory all of your art and will be helpful with another idea that I’ll share soon.

“Giclées”: Giclée (commonly pronounced “zhee-clay”) is the method used to turn high end art into lower priced prints or note cards.  Check with local print shops and see if they are able to do this and get a few quotes.   Don’t go with the first one you find, shop around for the best price and quality of what you are printing on.  It usually costs less per print or card to do more.  So if you are planning on selling more than a few, it would be a better deal to order say 100 instead of 25.  Especially if you are going to sell your note-cards, prints or magnets on sites like Etsy, Ebay or your own site.  Don’t forget to ask local gift stores if they’d like to carry your art wares…they might sell them on consignment, it’s worth an ask.

Check out Zazzle & Vista Print.  They do more than business cards and window decals.  How cool would it be to sell note cards, magnets or T-shirts that have your own handmade art on them?  Zazzle may even drop ship so you don’t have to store/stock inventory.  Just an idea for those of  you who are artsy, creative or photographers and are looking for another way to get your masterpieces out to the public.  Maybe someone can’t afford to buy the original painting, but would love to buy the print, note card or magnet and as long as you keep the prices reasonable, you might be pleasantly surprised by how many smaller items you sell.  Every penny counts these days, so cheers to selling your art in many different ways!

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