Host an “Idea Party” to brainstorm your own ideas with peeps you trust…

#67 –

Do you have a great idea but you’re not quite sure how to develop it or are “stuck” and need some help to move it further along?  If you think you have a great idea but follow up isn’t your strongest trait, think about who you know that you trust, is open minded and would like to participate in a brainstorming party…then invite them over for a couple of hours to brainstorm yours (and theirs too if they are up for it) idea with you.  Sometimes just sharing your ideas and hearing what others think, will help motivate you and get things going to the next level.  This is especially great if you aren’t normally entrepreneurial thinking, but some of your friends are.  If you are open to doing things a little different, you might be surprised what comes out of this type of get together.  Make sure you have notebooks and pens for everyone who comes and ask someone to take notes with action items and “owners” if you are going to keep each other accountable.  I’d suggest doing some follow-up emails and/or phone calls after your “idea party” to check in with everyone to see how everyone who participated is doing with their ideas or projects and maybe see if they need more help or if another “idea party” should be “penciled” in.  Drinks and snacks are optional!

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