After a break from writing, I’m inspired by the New Year and new possibilities!

Little Miss Idea took a break durng the holidays to spend some much needed time with family and friends.  During my time off I got some much needed rest and am feeling much more inspired.  I’m excited to share more ideas  and promise to write more often in 2012.  I will be creating a Little Miss Idea fan page on Facebook and hope that you will “like” it and also subscribe to the blog so you can follow along as the ideas continue to flow!

Colder temps & shorter days make being “Inspired” hard for me personally…

#56 – Inspire others to increase your own inspiration by volunteering this holiday season

What inspires your creativity or your sense of accomplishment?  Helping others inspires me.  So I am making a commitment to volunteer more this holiday season and also in 2012.  I am looking into what organizations in my personal community will benefit from my skills and willingness to help others while also benefting their overall mission.  Once I figure out (I’m making a list of my top 3)which charities are a good fit for me, I am going to introduce myself to them and see how I can help.  I’d like to work with a charity that helps/empowers women to improve their lives through education, employment search assistance, housing assistance or even a food bank that provides food to women and their families who otherwise may go hungry. 

I donate money  and household items all year long (to the United Way, Goodwill, Girls Inc., and other charities that my friends support), but I rarely actually donate my time.  I’m busy working a full time marketing job, selling Stella & Dot jewelry on the side –– writing this blog and socialilizing with friends.  I am going to come up with a plan to actually use my free time to give back and make a difference in my community this season and going forward into the New Year.  I am hoping by putting my actions where my mouth and my pockent book are, I will be inspired and able to write more creatively and freely.   I’d love to hear how you donate your time to help others in your community…maybe your stories will inspire me too!

Quick cash for the Holidays…Sell your old, unwanted or broken gold jewelry!

#57 – Sell your old, unwanted, mismatched or broken gold jewelry for immediate cash

I think I’ve mentioned this in a previous post, but I thought it was worth mentioning again…if you have old gold jewelry that is broken, you don’t like it or maybe you’ve lost one earring…why not sell it to a gold dealer?  The value of gold is only going up and you just might be surprised by how much mula you can get for your old, broken and not worn anymore gold jewelry.

If you live in Colorad, I personally know a great gold buyer and will be happy to send you her information. She will even come to your house to weigh and inspect what you have.  If you refer to her to your friends, she’ll pay you a 5% commission too.  So just by spreading the word about how easy it was and how much money you made selling your gold, you make even more money.  If you’d like her info, please email me at: and I will send it to you in an email.

Another thought about gold, is to host a gold selling party at your house and invite your friends over for a girls night in to socialize and make some money.  What a nice change, come over and make money instead of spend money!?!

Food Sampler…not just at Costco anymore

#59 – Food sampling in grocery stores, Walmart  & Wholesale stores like Costco, Sam’s Club or BJ’s Wholesale

If you have an outgoing personality, like people and don’t mind wearing a hair net, being a food sampler during the holidays might be a great way to make some money.  Some stores hire food samplers directly but most often these type of positions are hired through promotion companies.  If there’s a store (or a few) in your area that you’d like to be a food sampler at, call the store and ask the manager or assistant manager who you should contact to be able to sample different products during the holidays.  Be prepared to work evenings and weekends.  Most stores only sample food items during the busy times.  You might find a new product that you didn’t know you love while making money sharing it at your local grocery or wholesale store.

In rememberance of Septebmer 11th…ten years…it still feels like yesterday!

The Twin Towers
The Twin Towers in New York City, 1994

As I remember where I was and how I felt ten years ago, I don’t have any cool ideas about saving or making money today. The only idea I have to share today…take time to reach out to your friends and family and tell them how much you love them.  Then maybe take a moment to remember all of the great Americans who were taken from the world way too soon and spend some time in silence or meditation…that’s what I’m planning on doing.

If you could take a “magic pill” to loose weight or get fit, would you?

I know if I could take a magic pill to lose the weight I want to lose, I definitely would.  In fact, I think most people would.  What if you could…be more motivated to work out?  Feel calmer in even the most hectic of situations?  Wake up with more energy than you’ve had in a long time?  Notice that your clothes are looser after only 10 days?   Confidence to wear anything and show your body off with pride?  Able to eat the foods you love without gaining weight and even lose some weight?  Individual guidance from a personal trainer?  You can have all of this for less than $10 a day, check out the 10 Day Body Reset program below that I know you won’t be sorry you tried (there’s a 100% money back guarantee so you have nothing to lose!).

#85 – “10 Day Body Reset Program” on a Little Miss Idea budget

Hollywood celebrity’s all have personal trainers and now every day people like you and I can also afford our very own personal trainer.  Personal Trainer, Self Esteem Builder and Inspirational Leader in the Fitness Industry, Nichole Kellerman, is offering a 10 Day Body Reset Program that is a GREAT deal.

This program is an intensive 10 Day Body Reset Program that includes a complete  10 day workout plan with cardio workouts, a great stretch routine and daily video trainings (they are only 3 to 5 min’s long – so yes…you do have time to watch them).  It also includes a progress tracking calendar, a great 10 day meal plan, a daily dose of morning motivational videos (again, they’re short & sweet!) and daily check-in’s from Nichole herself.  But most of all you will have a new found love and respect for your body, more energy and tools to help you stay motivated and on-track to your over all fitness and well-being goals.

Registration for this program is TODAY, 9/6 through 9/12/11 and you will need to pre-pay with a debit or credit card in order to participate. The cost for the program is only $97, less than the cost of a daily Yoga class and worth so much more!  Nichole truly wants to help people meet their fitness goals and wants to work with committed clients, so she ‘s offering a 100% Money Back Guarantee.    If you complete the 10 Day Body Reset Program, comment under each video, complete and send her your health evaluation and you aren’t 100% satisfied,  just let her know and she’ll give you a full refund, no questions asked and no hard feelings.  So, you see, you have nothing to lose…don’t wait, sign up today!

I have personally hired Nichole to train me in the past and am happy to recommend her and her program.  I can attest that her meal plans, workouts and inspirational videos are all top-notch and worth every penny.   I know it’s hard to get and stay motivated, so another idea/thought would be to ask a friend to sign up with you and then you can hold each other accountable and work out together.  Working out with a friend or small group is usually more fun than doing it alone and if you’ve  made a commitment to someone else, you are  more likely to stick with it.   At least that thought process works for me!  I’d love to hear your feedback from this program after you’re done with the 10 days.  Send your comments and let me know how you feel after sticking to the program for 10 days!

End of Summer Blues? Not to worry, here are some great last minute deals to “Fall Back” in style like the jet setter you are destined to be!

I was surfing the web tonight and came across some great deals for the Labor Day weekend and thought I’d share them with you. Some of them are only good if you book them on September 1st, others are good for other days in September, so check back often to see what’s available.  

Maybe you want to take a last minute trip to some place fun or exotic? If so, check out for great travel deals starting on September 1st and going through the month of September…maybe you can take a last minute trip to Mexico over the Labor Day weekend then head up the West Coast in a convertible the next and hit Vegas on the flip side?  If the deal is right, of course you can!

Groupon does “Getaway” deals now.  You can sign up to get these great getaway deals sent directly to your inbox by subscribing at Groupon Getaways – they are offering great getaway deals for all over the United States, the Caribean and Costa Rica.  Definitely worth taking a look if you have a hankering for staying in a 4 or 5 Star Hotel but not paying for all of those stars. is also offering 30% off for Labor Day hotel deals.  I have used to book last minute hotel stays and have been very happy with the prices and the quality of hotels that they have on their site.  So check them out too.

Save $30 on Labor Day Hotel Deals! Get $15 Off by using coupon LABORDAY15 plus $15 instant discount on selected hotels. Book Now!

Another interesting place to think about displaying your Art or Photos…

I noticed at the new fitness studio where I attended a Zumba class last night that they had some great art hanging in the bathrooms and on the walls that weren’t covered by mirrors. Maybe ask your local gym, yoga studio or fitness studio if you can display best cpu for gaming your Art or Photographs in their location and then give them a percentage of the sale? You might find a great exercise class and sell a painting. Wouldn’t that be fantastic?!

A Quick note about places to display your Art or Photos

I was just at a great local Day Spa (Ciao Bella in Littleton, CO) earlier today where I noticed they display local artists and photographer’s photo’s in their relaxation area. I thought “that is a GREAT idea.!”..what a great place to get exposure for your art or photos, especially if they are nature themed, peaceful or tranquil.  It’s worth asking your local Day Spa to display and help you sell your art and what a great way to collaborate with other local businesses.

A special note about Ciao Bella Day Spa in Littleton, for my Colorado followers.  They have a great 50/50 deal on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.  You can get a custom facial or massage for $50 or a fun questions to ask your boyfriend combination of both for $100.  The Spa is lovely and very relaxing and my services were superb.  I highly recommend trying them out, especially if you can get away on a Tuesday or Wednesday for such a great deal!