My 40 Day Weight Loss Program – here goes!

Day 1 Starting Weight: 249.4 pounds (Ouch!) I started my 40 day doctor supervised weight loss and metabolism reset program yesterday, Sunday. The first day was basically a load day. I don’t eat much on a regular basis (part of the reason I gain weight and don’t lose weight). So loading calories with healthy fat was hard for me. I did eat 3 meals with a couple of snacks(healthy nuts) and drank plenty of water, but it was hard to eat enough of what I was supposed to eat. So I’m jumping in feet first! I’m posting my before pictures for accountability. I don’t see myself as obese when I look in the mirror, but pictures, the scale and the report I got from my doctor last week don’t lie. The report scared me to do something, the scale (I finally bought one that works correctly) shocked me and the photos made me really want to make some serious changes. I’ll dig deeper into the why’s of my weight problem as I blog more, but for today, I’m just sharing with the world my starting weight and my starting pictures taken last night. I’ll post more photos as I blog this journey and of course post my “after” photos when I’m done with the 40 day program and what the next steps are. Thank you for following along and keeping me accountable!

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