40 Day Weight Loss – Day 26 – 30

Weight – Day 26 – 236 (with cast on)

Weight – Day 27 – 236 (with cast on)

Weight – Day 28 – Couldn’t get a good weight with my cast this day

Weight – Day 29 – 235 (with cast on)

Weight – Day 30 – 236 (with cast on)

Calories – each day between 389 (Day 29) and 600 (day 30)

I’m definitely experiencing a weight loss plateau right now. I’m fluctuating between 236 and 235 each day. I have hard a really hard time during these 5 days. I’ve been extremely hungry and have had some cravings. Drinking herbal tea with Stevia helps me with the sweet cravings. I have also been feeling a bit bad for myself. I have been home bound for a few weeks and am going a little stir crazy. I have gotten out to go to doctors appt’s and a few social outings, but it’s hard with the cast, crutches and scooter. So I have opted to stay home more than be out and about, especially with the snow and ice we’ve got over the weekend. I am hopeful that at tomorrow’s doctor apt. I will get a walking cast and then I can get back to work (at the actual office not just at home) and get out more socially. I think I’ll be in better spirits and not be so tempted to cheat once I’m more mobile.

I have asked the doctor’s office if I can possibly continue the program for three more weeks. I feel like I haven’t been able to get the most out of the program since I haven’t been able to do my in person doctors visits that include office weigh ins, body scans and check ins with the doctor. I hope that they will work with me on that since I paid quite a bit for this program. I’ll let you know about that in an upcoming blog post.

I can say, that my emotions have contributed to my cravings and wanting to cheat during these five days. I know for a fact, when I’m not feeling all that great emotionally (feeling sorry for myself due to being laid up with the broken ankle) I tend to go to food for emotional comfort. I’m trying to drink more herbal tea (I love that!), read, watch happy movies, write letters and call friends to catch up instead of turning to the cupboards and refrigerator for comfort. It has worked for the most part but I know it’s something I’ll have to continue to work on every day.

Thank you for following along. 10 more days to go and then I will either start the reset phase or hopefully do another round for a few weeks. I’ll keep you posted!

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